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Britcom Direct -
Your unique Stock Clearance Solution

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Britcom Direct offers you a one-stop worldwide stock clearance solution for all categories of products. Find out more about the benefits of choosing Britcom Direct as your stock clearance partner.

Online Stock Clearance on

Our state of the art B2B Trading Platform is capable of selling and delivering clearance stock by the truckloads, to an international audience of verified buyers. Unlike other auction websites existing on the market, our B2B stock clearance platform is specially designed to answer to your most important demands for clearing slow moving surplus stock:

  • Controlled reselling of your clearance stock, by creating an online ordering system limited to permitted markets for each published LOT and by organising delivery of your stock to avoid transshipment.
  • Exposure to a global market place, by smartly configuring your stock in sensible sized lots and maintaining established minimum sale prices, offering you the fastest clearance channel of your stock at optimum prices.
  • Brand identity protection for both you and your customers with complete clearance stock trading transparency.

A single Stock Clearance and Upgrading Solution for your returns

Britcom Direct offers you a simple solution of securing the return on investment on all your returns: We have the ability to convert your raw returns in to top quality refurbished stock, at our ISO accredited refurbishment facility.

Capable of processing over 90 000 items on a monthly basis, it represents a reliable and consistent clearance solution of your customer returned stock for revenue.

Our team of technical specialists is also able to provide added-value services, such as data capture on customer and technical information, financial analysis and design improvements, making Britcom Direct your unique partner for clearance of your returned stock.

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